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We believe that engineers are the creators of civilizations and can improve the lives of mankind. Therefore, we must consider this civilization creator engineer, to reinforce his professional skills to prepare and submit engineering projects of different sizes and complexity in a variety of locations, using a range of tools to strengthen and enhance the capabilities of engineers to develop the engineering work in Egypt and keep pace with developed countries.

Experience has shown that there is a strong relationship between education and professional practice to develop the skills of the Engineer. So we focused on training as a basis for engineering education through the establishment of NASSAR ACADEMY ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (NAET), therefore we needed the support of a team of professional experts to develop the field of engineering in Egypt and to make the academy number one in the Arab world.

The history of the Academy


The year 2010 witnessed the birth of the idea of ​​establishing Nassar Academy for Engineering and Technology (NAET) after many meetings of the engineering team at Nassar Engineering (NEAP)  in an attempt to overcome the problems of the technical work based on the observations listed as following :-



One of the top 100 engineering and technology academies in Egypt and the Middle East with the expertise of its engineers, and built on international standards while creating an environment that respects excellence and creativity by 2020.



Providing students and graduates of engineering faculties with the knowledge and skills needed by the local and global market as well as the values that enable them to work honestly to serve their communities and the ability to develop their career.

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