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عرض سعر

General Directorate of Water at Hail City

في المباني الادارية والحكومية السعودية

 Project  name:

General Directorate of Water at Hail City


The City of Hail – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Project Information:

Site Area: 51000 m²

Cost: 9,000,000 $

Project Overview:

The concept was based on designing the form of the building functionally in an attempt to achieve a distinctive Architectural landmark representing the rootage and history of Hail as well as its promising future.
In the same time, the curved fulfilled a number of main fixed concepts like:
Distinguishing the main entrance with its singularity to an emphasis on the strong identity of the building.
The flexibility of the architectural design which provides a number of possibilities while dealing with the administrative spaces ( furnishing and circulation ).