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Gadet Ohod

In Airports & military Building & Roads KSA

 Project  name:

Gadet Ohod


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

Project Information:

Site Area: 3000 m2

Cost: 25.000.000 $

Project Overview:

The project is the urban development of King Fahd Road
Gadet Ohod) with a length of 3000 m 2 starting
from the central square at The Prophet’s Mosque ends
with the roof of Mount Ohod
The development includes studying the tracks of cars and
express buses in terms of road planning and
intersections And locations of bus stops and appropriate
traffic signs In addition to developing
both sides of the road in terms of studying pedestrian paths,
the road in terms of in addition to developing both sides of
studying Pedestrians and bicycles Blind and handicap
, design places of agriculture, distribute plants,
sessions, and water elements as well as add
Investment elements Such as kiosks, vending machines, and toilet units