About Us

About Us

About us:
NASSAR ENGINEERING – ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS – (NEAP) – is one of the most important consulting firms in Egypt and the Arabian Gulffor its various specialties in the fields of engineering, planning and advisory services that contribute directly and positively to the development process.

NEAP was establishedas an Engineering Office in Cairo–Egypt at the beginning of the year 2004 to provide its Consultancy Services for the different and multi-purpose buildings in the Arab Gulf Region.

From the start, and with the presence of its distinguished Mega-Projects and its Engineering Creativity, NASSAR ENGINEERING was able to transform from an Engineering Office into a Multi-Disciplinary EngineeringCompany.

During this period-almost 17 years – the company achieved an incomparable record in the field of Engineering Consultancy and is still committed to providing these services with the same quality and highly valuing the Engineering work in the surrounding environment.

From the early beginning,After the transformation to a Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Company, It focused its strategy on
In spite of the great success, we are ambitious to perform more achievements in the near and distant future.

For this purpose, the company is now working on a remarkable transformation aiming first to raising the value of our Engineering services, thus becoming one of the pioneers in our field.

Our work varies between {Architectural/ Urban Design – Supervision- Projects Management – Value Engineering} using all available technology updates to have an integrated product from concept stage to full implementation.

By the year 2030 ( with Allah’s will ), {NEAP} will become an international and integrated Engineering company in the field of engineering consultancies as it will focus on increasing its business through the opportunitiesof the Urban Development in our Arab Region.

Fulfilling this vision requires commitment, determination and focus on achievement, through the following goals:

Diversity of projects types and site locations.
Improving working procedures.
Enlarging our human resources (building up our abilities).